install mc on office server

Georgescu Gabriel guardygga at
Thu Sep 20 05:27:14 EDT 2007

Hello again,

I guess you already know that i have  newbye questions. So please be gentile and help me again.
I tried to install mc on my office server. First i tried with normal instalation package tar.gz. I unzipped to a folder and tried all the commands install, make etc and nothing, doesn't work. Than i tried with a rpm package supplied by netwinder's ftp, and here starts my nightmare; i found out that i don't have none of the applications requested. So i started to look for the desired packages but when I'm trying to install one of them requires another and another... :((( . My question is : there is any rpm package that contains all of needed applications for mc? Because in this style i will never be able to install this damn mc on my office server.

Thank you.


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