Spare parts

François Jacques jacf01 at
Sat Sep 1 00:09:35 EDT 2007

My Netwinder NICs are kaput, or at least it seems to (even while sniffing
all network traffic). In all cases, I no longer have time or will to persue
any further hacking with my NetWinder. It has been fun, but all good things
in life have an end...
I know some of you folks have windies in good health and have no reason to
throw them away. You might be interested in spare parts. Or hard to find
Centon Electronics 128M memory sticks. I live in the Montreal area. If
anyone is interested by the parts and willing travel to Montreal from time
to time, let me know asap. 
In the next week, if I haven't got any feedback of any sort regarding these
parts, they will be thrown away.
Kind regards,
François Jacques
Ex-Corel Computer Employee (Coop - Corel Desktop team), and proud owner of a
VNC^H^H^Hnetwinder from 1997 to 2007.


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