install mc on office server

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at
Thu Sep 20 07:50:42 EDT 2007

On Thu, Sep 20, 2007 at 02:27:14AM -0700, Georgescu Gabriel wrote:
> I tried to install mc on my office server.
> First i tried with normal instalation package tar.gz. I unzipped to a
> folder and tried all the commands install, make etc and nothing, doesn't
> work. 

The officerserver does not have any development tools (compiler, etc)
installed by default.  So you cannot compile any software, unless you
first install all the tools.  (That is one of the main differences
to the developer disk image).

> Than i tried with a rpm package supplied by netwinder's ftp, and
> here starts my nightmare; i found out that i don't have none of the
> applications requested. So i started to look for the desired packages
> but when I'm trying to install one of them requires another and
> another... :((( . My question is : there is any rpm package that
> contains all of needed applications for mc? Because in this style i will
> never be able to install this damn mc on my office server.

In the modern linux, we use tools like "yum" and "apt-get" to solve
this "dependency nightmare".  However in the officeserver days, this
did not exist, and cannot be trivially added.

You have to be careful where you get the RPMS from.  On
FTP site there are packages for officeserver, and for different versions
of the developer disk image.  If you try to install packages from,
say the dm-3.9 developer image on your officeserver, you will get a 
lot of dependency errors, and in the end it won't work, due to a 
fundamental difference in how the base glibc is built (symbol
versioning has been enabled in the dm-3.9 and later).

To make a long story short:  the officeserver is built on dm-3.1
so you should be able to install this version without too much trouble:
As far as I can tell, all of its dependencies should already be
installed on your system (perl, ncurses).


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