How to determine if WEP association was successful (using CLI)?

Ed W lists
Wed Mar 28 16:49:19 PDT 2012

Hi, I'm trying to write a web gui for a little router and trying to 
understand how to control wpa_supplicant correctly.  At the moment I'm 
using "wpa_cli select_network X" to choose a network, but I don't see 
any interesting messages, nor any different output from status when the 
WEP connection information is incorrect?

It seems like everyone else has moved to using dbus for this stuff - 
however, can anyone offer some tips on how to determine whether WEP 
settings are correctly entered for a given network or not?  Should there 
be status messages / events / etc?

(On a similar note, any tips on determining success with WPA networks? 
Just monitor for an association showing in the status?)

Is this all vastly easier under dbus?  Anyone got any samples (other 
than taking connman/network manager apart?)


Ed W

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