wpa_supplicant and T-Mobile and 802.1x/WPA (tmobile1x)

thomas schorpp t.schorpp
Sun Sep 4 04:11:46 PDT 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Some time ago, there were couple of questions on how to use
> wpa_supplicant with the WPA-enabled version of T-Mobile wireless
> network.
> Finally, I had a suitable chance to test this a bit while waiting for my
> flight at SFO and the connection is indeed working fine. As a proof,
> this email is actually send over the WPA encrypted T-Mobile network ;-).

header claims. congratulations.

> The SSID for the network is tmobile1x and it is configured for
> WPA-Enterprise with TKIP. Authentication is done using EAP-TTLS/PAP
> using the normal T-Mobile username/password. It was enough to just
> complete WPA authentication, i.e., no need to go to any web portal page.
> It took me some time (maybe five or so scan attempts) to find tmobile1x
> SSID even though I saw six or so APs with tmobile SSID at the same time.
> Anyway, once the correct SSID was found, association and authentication
> went through fine.
> This network block worked fine (at least at SFO) with madwifi:
> network={
>         ssid="tmobile1x"
>         key_mgmt=WPA-EAP
>         scan_ssid=1
>         identity="username"
>         password="password"
>         eap=TTLS
>         phase2="auth=PAP"
> }

where are the certificates? windos secure storage service?

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