Management Frames

Matthew T. Brewer mbrewer
Mon Oct 24 12:24:39 PDT 2005

Someone replied that it needed to be in monitor mode (I accidentally 
deleted that E'mail).
I've tried this and the software still doesn't seem to be receiving any 
management frames. Or in fact, anything besides data frames.

Any other theories?

On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Matthew T. Brewer wrote:

> Hi, I'm doing some development on the hostap driver, and I'm little
> confused as to how the management frame parsing code works. I'm using the
> 1.4.9 fw on an intersil prism2.5 mini-pci card (shiped in the IBM T30),
> and the hostap driver is basically stable.
> Anyway, there is a lot of code in hostap_80211_rx.c dealing with parsing
> management frames. Doing some printk tests it appears that the driver
> never recieves a management frame at all, I.E. none of this code
> ever actually runs. Is there a bit I need to flip somewhere that will
> cause the card to start sending management frames to the software?
> Or, is it not possible to get this firmware version to send management
> frames to the software? I assume all of that code exists for a reason.
> I'm primarilly interested in beacon/probe response frames, but no
> management frames at all seem to be getting through.
> Specifically the code I'm curious about is in the function
> "void hostap_80211_rx(struct net_device *dev, struct sk_buff *skb,
>                      struct hostap_80211_rx_status *rx_stats)"
> in hostap_80211_rx.c
> And it's this chunk (the printk never occurs):
> ------------
>         if (type != WLAN_FC_TYPE_DATA) {
>                printk("%s: hostap_80211_rx, non-data frame\n", dev->name);
> 		[bunch of stuff to deal with management and auth frames]
> 	}
> Any info would be appreciated, thanks for the help.
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