ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_HOSTAPD]: Operation not supported

Jens Wilke jens
Sun Oct 16 13:42:16 PDT 2005


i can't get a Netgear MA311 working as AP.
It works well in ad-hoc and managed mode. I can bring it into monitor 
mode but not in master mode:
# iwconfig eth1 mode master
Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
    SET failed on device eth1 ; Operation not supported.

i've the same problems with kernel 2.6.9 and,
hostap-driver is 0.3.9.

# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
hostap_pci             49808  0
hostap                113768  1 hostap_pci

# hostap_diag -a eth1
Host AP driver diagnostics information for 'eth1'

ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_HOSTAPD]: Operation not supported
Could not communicate with the kernel driver.

# hostapd /usr/src/hostapd-0.3.7/hostapd.conf
Configuration file: /usr/src/hostapd-0.3.7/hostapd.conf
ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX): No such device
hostap driver initialization failed.

# dmesg |grep hostap
hostap_crypt: registered algorithm 'NULL'
hostap_pci: 0.3.9 - 2005-06-10 (Jouni Malinen <jkmal

# dmesg |grep eth1
eth1: Hardware identity 8013:0000:0001:0000
eth1: Station identity  001f:0000:0001:0008
eth1: Firmware determined as Intersil 1.8.0
eth1: Ad-hoc demo mode supported
eth1: IEEE standard IBSS ad-hoc mode supported
eth1: WEP supported, 104-bit key
eth1: MAC address 00:09:xxxxxxxxxxxx
eth1: Station name "Prism  I"
eth1: ready
eth1: New link status: Connected (0001)
eth1: Force scheduling reset!
eth1: New link status: Connected (0001)

Have you got any ideas about this?


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