Unable to connect to AP via WPA-PKS/CCMP

Thomas Heinz thomasheinz
Mon Oct 10 03:24:50 PDT 2005

Hi Jouni

BTW, thanks Bryan for your comment.

You (Jouni) wrote:
> "Clear text psk" is somewhat misleading name for ASCII passphrase.

Right, you may tick it off as lax parlance ;-)

> Are you sure you used the correct SSID when running wpa_passphrase? PSK
> is derived from both ASCII passphrase and SSID and if either one is
> changed, the PSK would be different.

Well, you hit the jackpot. I had a typo in my SSID. Now, everything works 
as expected.

Thanks Jouni for your continuous support in this self-induced problem.



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