Prism management

Eva Juliana Maya Ortiz emaya
Mon Oct 3 07:04:31 PDT 2005


I want to manage my wireless network cards and I've found that I can use 
commands (wireless tools) or /proc files to get information, but I don't 
know which option is better, for example:

I can get quality, signal level and noise level from /proc/net/wireless or 
with iwconfig, but I don't know which option is better.

If I use /proc/net wireless I have to do:

    256 - signal level(value of /proc/net/wireless)
    256 - noise level(value of /proc/net/wireless)
    quality(value of /proc/net/wireless) /94 (o divided by 92?)

    to get signal and noise level in dBm and quality, right?

I can get my interfaces from /proc/net/dev or /proc/net/wireless, or prism 
interfaces from /proc/net/hostap/ and atheros interfaces /proc/sys/dev/, 
or with ifconfig or iwconfig, but I don't know if some of this options is 
better than the others.

I've found that "iwlist interface peers" is going to be replaced by 
"iwlist interface scan" in a future and that 
/proc/sys/net/wlan0/associated_sta is going to have the same information 
that "iwlist interface scan", right?, besides I could use 
/proc/net/hostap/ to get clients of each interface, but I don't know 
which option is better.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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