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Thu May 19 05:17:58 PDT 2022

Hello Frank,

On 19.05.22 12:59, Frank Wunderlich wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to create a basic driver for rk808 pmic/iodomains. I've noticed that first the iodomain driver is probed and then the rk808 on,but i need it reversed as rk808 registers regulators linked in iodomain via devicetree.
> How can i defer iodomain probing till rk808 is ready (regulators available defined as phandles in iodomain dt node)? Currently i get always ENODEV (property does not exist or regulator is not ready yet)....
> This is my current (dirty) source:

While I don't know what iodomains are, I had ported the rk808 driver to barebox for
use with the Rock Pi N10. I haven't come around to upstream it, because I haven't
figured out why I can't use the existing regmap helpers like Linux does.

I have sent you the patches as a reply to your mail. Perhaps they'll
save you some effort.


> regards Frank
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