Aw: Re: change r2pro dts to public hw version (was "Board code with 2 dts" )

Frank Wunderlich frank-w at
Mon Apr 11 02:00:55 PDT 2022


it turned out that my problem is not wrong was the load method.

i loaded barebox by uboot like it's documented here:

except i have loaded files via fatload and not tftp.

if i flash barebox and boot directly into it, network works (also with first version of dts with rx-delay/tx-delay and rgmii phy_mode).

barebox at BPI R2PRO:/ dhcp eth1
eth1: 1000Mbps full duplex link detected
WARNING: eth1: No MAC address set. Using random address 92:26:6a:9c:ec:d5
T T T eth1: DHCP client bound to address
barebox at BPI R2PRO:/ ping
host is alive

so imho there are 2 possible rootcauses

- uboot has initialized anything (clocks/pinctrl/...) which barebox cannot change afterwards (due to missing reset)
- barebox skips any initialization step if it is chainloaded

i have now tested both configurations (rgmii+delays and rgmii-id without delay-properties, but delays set in driver). linux is already updated in next to the rgmii+delays part, so i would send this as update to barebox.

regards Frank

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