how to do a digest on a flashed uImage ? uimage command evolution

Philippe Leduc ledphilippe at
Thu Jul 2 01:53:08 PDT 2015


First thank you for the details answers :)

Following your explanations/propositions, I think uimagefs is not
suited to my needs. I think therefore make an evolution of the uImage
command to be able to retrieve the size of my image and to copy it
efficiently into the RAM.

I'll try to propose a patch next week for review. But before that,
what do you think about thes follwing interface:

uimage - extract/verify/copy uImage

Usage: uimage [-vienc] FILE

        -i                      show information about image
        -v                     verify image
        -e OUTFILE      extract image to OUTFILE
        -n NO               use image number NO in multifile image
        -c OUTFILE      Copy the image to OUTFILE
        -s SIZE            Return the size of the uimage file into a VARiable.


Philippe LEDUC
ledphilippe at

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