suddenly, i can't boot barebox on my beagle xM anymore

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Sat Dec 1 17:36:29 EST 2012

On Sat, 1 Dec 2012, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>   a bit embarrassed but, all of a sudden, what used to work just fine
> in terms of building and booting barebox on my beagleboard xM (rev C)
> doesn't work anymore.
>   not that long ago, i documented how easy this was here:
> absolutely nothing out of the ordinary as i remember it.  so, when
> this worked, the boot looked like what you see here:
> now, the boot process produces:
> barebox 2012.11.0-00305-g159109f #1 Sat Dec 1 15:51:00 EST 2012
> Board: Texas Instrument's Beagle
> NAND type unknown: ff,ff
> No NAND device found (-19)!
> gpmc_nand gpmc_nand0: probe failed: error 6
> omap-hsmmc omap-hsmmc0: registered as omap-hsmmc0
> mci mci0: registered disk0
> malloc space: 0x87bfff10 -> 0x87ffff0f (size  4 MB)
> stack space:  0x4020f000 -> 0x4020fc00 (size  3 kB)
> booting from MMC1
> ... and hangs, suggesting that the MLO file is fine, but it's
> barebox.bin that simply fails.
>   am i missing something painfully obvious?

  for completeness (and what i of course should have done earlier if i
hadn't been drinking chardonnay all afternoon) was test with an
earlier version of barebox.  so i checked out tag v2012.10.0, and i'm
back to a booting version of barebox on my xM, represented by what you
see here:

  will investigate further ...



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