Vanalme Filip F.Vanalme at
Tue Mar 1 07:24:05 EST 2011

(i.MX27 board)

When I start a tftp transfer from the Barebox command prompt (or a ping), I (almost) always first get an error message on the console output :
error frame: 0xa7b058f0 0x00000882
After that, the tftp seems to continue as expected. File gets transferred and looks ok.
As far as I can see (in fec_imx.c), the error indicates a FIFO overrun. Seems to make no sense at the beginning of a transfer...

Any idea if it's normal that this message appears at the beginning of a network related command ?
I don't think it has any influence on the following communication. However, sometimes I notice some delay between executing the command and the real  start of the communication. Maybe there's a kind of timeout to recover from that error ?


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