ar9003 family unknown registers description

孙建希 ycsunjane at
Sun Mar 5 21:35:01 PST 2017

    I sent an email to this mailing list to take a chance to see if
anyone knows some of the ath9k drivers. I can not find the ath9k
mailing list.

    I am reading ath9k driver code. My chip is ar9331 which is ar9003
family. I am confused by some registers in ar9003_phy.h. In ar9331
datasheet many registers are reserved.


 * Channel Register Map
#define AR_CHAN_BASE    0x9800

 * MRC Register Map
#define AR_MRC_BASE     0x9c00

The  ATH9K_INT_BB_WATCHDOG bits of ISR_S2 is also reserved.

Is there something i miss? And how can i get full register description


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