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Thak you Valo for your response,  i'm doing an internship and my mission is replacing 
the module wifi WLE350NX (used chipset of Atheros and satisfied the standard 802.11n) by the new one
WLE900VX to satisfy the standard 802.11ac for a router. Our actual driver is bought from Atheros (Driver Aquila)
and i have to replace that driver by ath10k. I tried to compile it from the menuconfig of our code but it has many errors (you can see from the attached file).
Then I try to compile in backport as you said, I was on the step 8 ( and get this error but I don't really understand it:
| You shouldn't run make in the backports tree, but only in
| the generated output. This here is only the skeleton code
| copied into the output directory. To use the backport system
| from scratch, go into the top-level directory and run
|	./ /path/to/linux-next/ /tmp/output
| and then make menuconfig/... in the output directory. See
|	./ --help
| for more options.
make[1]: *** [modules] Error 1
make: *** [default] Error 

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Vu Hai NGUYEN <vh.nguyen at> writes:

> I'm new to the driver ath10k. Is there any way to compile only the
> driver ath10k in the directory /ath / drivers / net / wireless / ath /
> ath10k ? I was able to compile all the project by the command "make
> menuconfig" in the directory /ath but it appears a menu of
> configuration only. So I have to config that menu in other to compile
> the driver ath10k? or I can compile separately the driver?

I think this is a case of an XY problem. It's easier to help when you
describe the actual problem instead of the solution which you think will

I'm guessing that your problem is that you want to run latest ath10k on
an older kernel like 3.5. For that backports is the best solution:

If I guessed wrong, please describe why you want to compile the driver

Kalle Valo
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