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Kalle Valo kvalo at
Thu Mar 20 01:54:43 EDT 2014


Vu Hai NGUYEN <vh.nguyen at> writes:

> I'm new to the driver ath10k. Is there any way to compile only the
> driver ath10k in the directory /ath / drivers / net / wireless / ath /
> ath10k ? I was able to compile all the project by the command "make
> menuconfig" in the directory /ath but it appears a menu of
> configuration only. So I have to config that menu in other to compile
> the driver ath10k? or I can compile separately the driver?

I think this is a case of an XY problem. It's easier to help when you
describe the actual problem instead of the solution which you think will

I'm guessing that your problem is that you want to run latest ath10k on
an older kernel like 3.5. For that backports is the best solution:

If I guessed wrong, please describe why you want to compile the driver

Kalle Valo

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