struct usbatm_control

Duncan Sands baldrick at
Tue May 3 09:43:38 EDT 2005

> > The ATM layer uses the skb->cb too, putting a
> > struct atm_skb_data there.  I didn't want to overwrite
> > any of that, which is why I put a struct atm_skb_data
> > at the start of struct usbatm_control.  Was I being too
> > conservative - are you sure that we're not going to
> > stomp on ATM layer info now?
> Well, I thought once the ATM layer let the skb go, we could do whatever
> we wanted to the control block.  And it did work somehow :)  But I'm
> fine with reverting it, that was a nano-optimization not particularly
> worth while.

Yeah, we are *supposed* to be able to do what we like with it,
but I don't trust the ATM layer much.  I reverted it for the
moment, though it seems to work fine here too.



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