Reconnection problem on roam

Colin Jia Zheng colin at
Sun Dec 6 13:59:54 EST 2009

> OK, this is your problem. The explicit route to the VPN server through
> your local gateway is gone. Your vpnc-script will have added it, but
> when you restarted the network, it went away again. You may need to add
> it back again manually.

Manually adding it back works, thanks you!  But how do I know the VPN
gateway (as VPNGATEWAY in the vpnc script) in general?  For now I shall
simply kill/start openconnect in the network start/shutdown script,
which is fine.  But when roaming (eg when the laptop resumes from RAM
and automatically reconnects to a different wireless network), I hope
openconnect could detect connection loss and call the vpnc script to
reset and then set the routes?

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