FW: Hard disk replacement

François Jacques jacf01 at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 17 10:34:46 EST 2005

>> Alright I'll get a large 2.5" (my Windy has the Frog case)

> *envious* :)  The largest i have in that size is 20G :)

;) Is there any constraint on the height? If there isn't, I'll probably get
the drive today.

> Its worked for me with 2.5" drives.  Mind you almost all of my 2.5 
> drives are much smaller (4-10GB).  Basically you can just try it - if 
> neither drives spin up, or the video stays blank, then you are drawing 
> too much current from the Hitron.  But i expect it will work.


> There is only one slot accessible.  You need a dual drive IDE cable (of 
> the 2.5" variety) 

Good point! All my IDE cables are for the 3.5 variety. Thanks for the

Stay tuned...

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