FW: Hard disk replacement

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at netwinder.org
Thu Mar 17 09:28:56 EST 2005

François Jacques wrote:

> Alright I'll get a large 2.5" (my Windy has the Frog case)

*envious* :)  The largest i have in that size is 20G :)

> BTW, do you need help with the netwinder.org site? The links are in bad
> shape (FAQ, mailing list archive and stuff).

Most of the site is not actually online, hence all the broken links.  In 
fact what you are seeing is a copy from our backup, hosted graciously by 
AndrewM on his home DSL line.  He has not got either the diskspace nor 
the bandwidth to host the whole site.

We did recover the actual netwinder.org hardware, but haven't managed to 
find a place to colocate it yet (well, not for free anyways).  After the 
"fun" in hosting it out of town, we've decided to keep it local only, so 
we can keep a closer eye on it.

So the short answer is: yes there are lots of things missing, I have 
been reluctant to spend time "fixing" the links because I hope to have 
the real site back online at some point... just trying to find a good 
place in town (Ottawa, Ontario) who will host it for me.

> My power supply is the default Hitron that came with the unit. Is that
> enough?

Its worked for me with 2.5" drives.  Mind you almost all of my 2.5 
drives are much smaller (4-10GB).  Basically you can just try it - if 
neither drives spin up, or the video stays blank, then you are drawing 
too much current from the Hitron.  But i expect it will work.

> Is there two controller slots or do I need to use a dual drive IDE cable in
> it?

There is only one slot accessible.  You need a dual drive IDE cable (of 
the 2.5" variety) and will have to jumper one of the drives as slave.


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