FW: Hard disk replacement

François Jacques jacf01 at yahoo.fr
Wed Mar 16 23:44:52 EST 2005

Salut Ralph,

> Netwinder.org is (was) running with 120GB without any problems - though 
> you do need support in your kernel, the very old kernels might not 
> handle it.  Using the "current" 2.4.19-rmk7-nw1 works.  The only issue 
> is startup current requirements, but on the 2.5" drives that is rarely a 
> problem.  For the 3.5" drives it can be an issue.

Alright I'll get a large 2.5" (my Windy has the Frog case)

BTW, do you need help with the netwinder.org site? The links are in bad
shape (FAQ, mailing list archive and stuff).

> Tar is generally the easiest way to go.  If your power supply is big 
> enough

My power supply is the default Hitron that came with the unit. Is that

> you can actually put both hard disks into the netwinder 

Is there two controller slots or do I need to use a dual drive IDE cable in

> and do a direct drive-to-drive copy.  

Nifty! Hopefully my power supply is powerful enough!

Thanks for the help!

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