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Fri Jan 7 17:36:39 EST 2005

--- Ralph Siemsen <ralphs at> wrote:
> > Lastly, I've gotten ahold of contact info for a
> memory
> > company that can supply 256meg SO-dimms
> appropriate
> > for use in the netwinder if anybody is interested
> in
> > ordering one I'd be happy to coordinate a group
> buy to
> > bring the price down a few bucks...
> You might well get a few takers... as there are not
> many people 
> subscribed yet on this relatively new mailing list,
> I could put up 
> another "group buy" feature on the main webpage if
> you like.  How sure 
> are you that these memories are really going to work
> though (eg. did 
> they give you a sample to test, before you order a
> bunch of them?)

I have not tried them personally, but I g\found a
gentleman online who did extensive research on
netwinder memory expansion. He was able to determine
exactly what jumper needs to be placed to enable the
32 bit addressing of the memory on a 256 so-dimm and
was able to find a memory vendor who would ship these
specific modules with the jumper in place. I have been
advised that the units he recieved worked as
advertised and enabled he full 256 megs to be
addressed as well as getting the exact name and
extension of the sales rep he spoke with to put in his
original order... So to summarize I have no personal
experience or abaility to gurantee the workability,
but have been advised that it is a solid and available
expansion option.

If unable to get a few people to buy together I may
just buy plain 256 so-dimms and jumper them myself...

-Dave Pratt

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