troubles Compiling a kernel.

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at
Fri Jan 7 16:40:52 EST 2005

ninjasuit2000-netwinder at wrote:

> I have the kernel headers package installed and have
> made the symlink as described.

Okay... that should fix your original problem then :)

> I'm using the kernel source provided from one of the
> mirrors which is the most current 2.4
> series kernel with patches for nw.. I believe the
> patch version is nw4 and the SPEC file in the srpm
> does do the proper patching as show here:

Okay yes that's fine too... just wanted to make sure you knew about 
them.  Incidentally there are newer kernels (2.4.25) somewhere.  I hope 
to do 2.4.28 someday, and then 2.6...

  > Also, I realize that the default kernel is built with
> iptables, but the standard iptables cannot interface
> with the bridging support from what I've read... The
> patch I'm trying to do allows packet filtering and
> mangling in the FORWARD chain to effect packets movign
> across the br0 interface meaning that I can create a
> transparent firewall with public addresses on both the
> internet and trusted side. And I can do cool stuff
> like transparently forward outgoing port 80 requests
> to squid running on the firewall...
> Really cool stuff, but I can't seem to get the first
> step down which is building the kernel... 

Hehe, you are on the right track, don't give up :)

> I also read that some people have had success getting
> 2.6 series kernels to run on the netwinder and have
> gained some appreciable speed ups. I couldn't find any
> details to the specifics of how they did it. I'd be
> interested in knowing more if anybody on this mailing
> list knows anything about it.

I don't know about speed up, but it does work... but packaging it and 
testing all the oddball stuff (sound, disk DMA, flash support, "sleep" 
mode, etc.) will take time.

> Lastly, I've gotten ahold of contact info for a memory
> company that can supply 256meg SO-dimms appropriate
> for use in the netwinder if anybody is interested in
> ordering one I'd be happy to coordinate a group buy to
> bring the price down a few bucks...

You might well get a few takers... as there are not many people 
subscribed yet on this relatively new mailing list, I could put up 
another "group buy" feature on the main webpage if you like.  How sure 
are you that these memories are really going to work though (eg. did 
they give you a sample to test, before you order a bunch of them?)


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