PCMCIA patches

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Tue May 11 00:18:54 BST 2004

Hi, Dominik!

I see you continue separation between pcmcia_core and ds.  It would be
great to implement "cardctl eject" and "cardctl insert" functionality
without the "ds" module.

If I have a pcmcia card inserted and I load "yenta_socket", I cannot
remove the module unless I also insert "ds" and run "cardctl eject".  This
seems counterintuitive.

For CardBus cards users are not supposed to load ds at all, but "cardctl
eject" and "cardctl insert" are still applicable.

Since cardmgr communicates to the "ds" module, maybe there should be some
other way to communicate directly with PCMCIA core.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious.  Maybe I should just write 1 to
/sys/class/pcmcia_socket/pcmcia_socket0/device/detach_state or something
like that?  But I don't see any calls to pcmcia_eject_card() anywhere
except ds.c, nor is it touched by your patches.

Pavel Roskin

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