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Sun Feb 5 10:48:01 PST 2017

On Sun, Feb 05, 2017 at 08:21:59PM +0300, Rostislav Devyatov wrote:
> Thank you for reply. I understand that there are configuration
> parameters that are marked "experimental" in defconfig. But there are
> also parameters that occur in source files (using #ifdef), but not
> mentioned in defconfig at all. And my question is: are they even more
> "experimental" than those marked "experimental" in defconfig?

I don't think there is a generic answer to this. #ifdef is used for
number of different purposes.. Some of these are automatically set based
on other parameters and those should not be added manually or described
in defconfig. Some are used for testing purposes only, so not really
"experimental", but for something that should not be included in a
production build.

> In other words, there are release versions (the latest is 2.6), and
> they work "stable" (with a certain level of stability, let's say).
> Will they work with the same or similar level of stability if
> wpa_supplicant is built with these configuration parameters, which are
> not mentioned in defconfig at all?

If you have a specific build option in mind, I could give a more
specific answer, but I'm not going to be speculating on these in more
generic sense.

> CONFIG_IBSS_RSN was maybe not a very good example, because it is
> already in defconfig (not in the defconfig of the latest release
> though), but there are other examples of such options: CONFIG_EAP_TLV,

I'm not sure from where you generate this list, but half of those do not
exist at all in the current hostap.git snapshot. CONFIG_BGSCAN_* looks
like the only case that should actually be included in

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