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Rostislav Devyatov deviatov at
Sun Feb 5 14:23:24 PST 2017

>> In other words, there are release versions (the latest is 2.6), and
>> they work "stable" (with a certain level of stability, let's say).
>> Will they work with the same or similar level of stability if
>> wpa_supplicant is built with these configuration parameters, which are
>> not mentioned in defconfig at all?
> If you have a specific build option in mind, I could give a more
> specific answer, but I'm not going to be speculating on these in more
> generic sense.
>> CONFIG_IBSS_RSN was maybe not a very good example, because it is
>> already in defconfig (not in the defconfig of the latest release
>> though), but there are other examples of such options: CONFIG_EAP_TLV,
> I'm not sure from where you generate this list, but half of those do not
> exist at all in the current hostap.git snapshot. CONFIG_BGSCAN_* looks
> like the only case that should actually be included in
> wpa_supplicant/defconfig.

To answer both of your questions. How this list is generated. These
options are the options that this gentoo linux configuration script
for wpa_supplicant 2.6:
(see src_configure() function)
is trying to set, but fails to do so because they are not present in
defconfig. I see now that some of them are not used in the actual
source files either, so this failure does not change anything. But
some of them are present, and this in particular means that the
"IBSS/ad-hoc network with RSN" described in the example here:
does not actually work.

I was going to report a bug to gentoo linux maintainers, but before
that I wanted to make sure that this is really a bug, and not the
situation like "these features, like RSN IBSS network, are not yet
ready for use, that's why they are not in the defconfig of version
2.6, and therefore the behavior of configuration script, which
actually enables an option only if it is listed in defconfig, is

I want to decide what to include in my bug report (if I send one), I
am asking the following precise question: are the following parameters
intended to be manually included in the .config file of release 2.6?
All of them are present in the source files in the version 2.6 (latest
release) tree, I've checked it:
CONFIG_IBSS_RSN (I guess that the answer is yes, from the previous emails)
yes, from the previous emails)
CONFIG_DRIVER_HOSTAP (and other CONFIG_DRIVER_* options listed in
CONFIG_MESH (present in the defconfig of the current tree, but not in
the defconfig of 2.6)

Also, the options the configuration script is trying to turn on depend
on the configuration of gentoo linux itself, the ones I mentioned come
from the default configuration, other configurations also try to turn


Rostislav Devyatov

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