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Sun Feb 5 09:21:59 PST 2017

2017-02-05 13:55 UTC+03:00, Jouni Malinen <j at>:
> On Sun, Feb 05, 2017 at 08:53:33AM +0300, Rostislav Devyatov wrote:
>> The README file of wpa_supplicant says:
>> See defconfig file for an example configuration and a list of
>> available options and additional notes.
>> Do I understand correctly that defonfig file does NOT contain the
>> COMPLETE list of available (and officially supported) configuration
>> options? Is it possible to see the complete list of officially
>> supported options somewhere?
> There is no such list of "officially supported" options or even
> definition of what that would mean.
> wpa_supplicant/defconfig lists large portion of the available build
> configuration parameters. As noted in comments for some of those
> parameters, there is also experimental code that should not really be
> considered supported or appropriate for production use.

Thank you for reply. I understand that there are configuration
parameters that are marked "experimental" in defconfig. But there are
also parameters that occur in source files (using #ifdef), but not
mentioned in defconfig at all. And my question is: are they even more
"experimental" than those marked "experimental" in defconfig?

In other words, there are release versions (the latest is 2.6), and
they work "stable" (with a certain level of stability, let's say).
Will they work with the same or similar level of stability if
wpa_supplicant is built with these configuration parameters, which are
not mentioned in defconfig at all?

CONFIG_IBSS_RSN was maybe not a very good example, because it is
already in defconfig (not in the defconfig of the latest release
though), but there are other examples of such options: CONFIG_EAP_TLV,

>> I am particularly interested in the option called CONFIG_IBSS_RSN. It
>> is not present in defconfig (and not in README either), but it appears
>> in Makefile and in several C files
>> (as #ifdef CONFIG_BSS_RSN). Is this option supported? Or the fact that
>> it is not present in defconfig means that it is not yet supported and
>> intended to be "N" until it appears in defconfig?
> This was added to defconfig recently:
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