Help: One 11n client gets 130MBit, other 11n client gets 36-54Mbit.

David Howes david
Sat Mar 13 20:23:50 PST 2010


I'm using a AR5008 based PCI card (TPLINK, TL-WN951N) as the Access Point
using HostAPD v0.7.1 in my server.

One client (HP laptop with broadcom chipset) gets: "tx bitrate:     130.0
MBit/s MCS 15"
The other (TP Link, TL-WA901ND Access Point) gets: "tx bitrate:     48.0
MBit/s" (ranging between 36 and 54Mbit).

I've tried every setting in HostAPD I can think of and yet the TL-WA901ND
Access Point never gets above 54Mbit.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

- David.
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