dynamic vlans and hostap (HEAD) on nl80211 broken

michael-dev at fami-braun.de michael-dev
Sun Mar 14 09:47:53 PDT 2010


I'm trying to get dynamic vlans running with the current git snapshot of
hostapd on a x86 (AMD Geode LX) with ath9k (WMIA199N SparkLan).
After adding ifconfig_up/_down calls to vlan_add_dynamic /
vlan_remove_dynamic and adding some generic code to nl80211 that
parses the bridge netlink messages to addifx the device index of the
bridge that the wlan-vlan-device is added to, there are no more error
messages in the log and the vlan of the sta is correctly configured but
the EAPOL reply of the STA is never received. It does work fine if I
disable vlans, so the general setup should be fine. With vlans enabled,
I see the AP and the STA retransmitting EAPOL messages all the time.

If I disable vlans, handle_eapol (driver_nl80211) is called. Looking at
the code it seems that eloop is just reading from eapol_sock and that
nobody else is ever writing to it, though there are messages arriving
(if vlans are disabled). Can somebody please explain to me how the EAPOL
messages are entering eapol_sock of driver_nl80211? I believe I then
should understand why it currently only works without vlans.

Thanks a lot in advance,
 M. Braun

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