the STATUS command can't get correct reply

Dan Williams dcbw
Thu Oct 15 07:49:36 PDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-10-15 at 16:18 +0800, belle.shi at wrote:
> dear all,
>     i met a strange question, when i connect to the ap,and use the dhcp 
> get the ip, i can get on the internet,but when i turn off the power of 
> the ap,
> i use the STATUS command to get the current status, it should be 
> diconnect and try to connect again, then is scanning and other,but in 
> my program(i wrote a simple program like wpa_gui), after i turn off the 
> power of the ap, i use the STATUS command to get the status is still 
> COMPLETED, i have no idea what makes the result, is there anyone who 
> can give me some advice? i will be very appreciate. thank you.

How long does that state last?  10 seconds?  More?  What kernel driver
and wifi hardware are you using?

If you just turn off the AP, the card will still think it's connected
for a short period until it hasn't received a certain number of beacon
frames from the AP, and then it will drop the connection, send a
'disconnect' event to the supplicant, and the supplicant should also say
that it is disconnected and start scanning for the AP again.

This sounds like the kernel driver is perhaps not sending the disconnect
event when it looses sync with the AP after you've turned the AP off.


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