belle.shi at belle.shi
Thu Oct 29 02:22:38 PDT 2009

dear all,
    last time i asked a question "the STATUS command can't get correct reply",
and thanks for the Dan Williams's reply:

>    If you just turn off the AP, the card will still think it's connected
> for a short period until it hasn't received a certain number of beacon
> frames from the AP, and then it will drop the connection, send a
> 'disconnect' event to the supplicant, and the supplicant should also say
> that it is disconnected and start scanning for the AP again.

    i turn off the ap, and watch the info printed by wpa_suppliant, and 
as the Dan Williams said, the driver send a 
'disconnect'(CTRL_EVENT_DISCONNECT) event to the supplicant,  and i 
changed the driver, the problem is resolved. but i check the source 
code of wpa_suppliant, i can,t find the any code have 
CTRL_EVENT_DISCONNECT. so where is the associated code?

    BTW:the reason why i want to know the code because: i connect to 
the producter of the card,and he hopes to resolve the problem, so i 
need to know how the driver sends the event?
     best regards,

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