Hostap Ping Problem

Emir Uner emiruner
Mon Oct 5 14:41:07 PDT 2009

Hi, I have a problem with hostap.

Machine A
Server: Gentoo Linux
Kernel: 2.6.31
Wireless card: RaLink RT61
hostapd 0.6.9
Using: WPA2-CCMP

Machine B
Client: Gentoo Linux
Wireless Card: ipw4965
using wpa_supplicant

I manually configured both sides ip addresses:
When I ping from Machine A using command below:


And run tcpdump on Machine A I can see
ICMP packets sent from Machine A but no replies

Meanwhile running tcpdump on Machine B I can see
both ICMP request and generated Responses by Machine B

So it seems that Machine A can send packets to Machine B
but Machine B cannot send packets to Machine A.

Am I missing something obvious?
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