Authentication / Association Problem with 2.6.31

Michael Hirsch m.hirsch
Mon Oct 26 04:46:19 PDT 2009

Hello Dan.

>> A new libertas firmware (we changed to 9.70.3p36) solved this issue. 
>> Strange enaugh, this problem does also not appear if a iPhone is 
>> associated at the same time to hostap.
> Odd, can you tell me what firmware you were using before you started
> using a v9 firmware?  The iPhone 2G has a Marvell Libertas sd8686 in it
> BTW :)

Yes, I agree, it's odd. During debugging I changed the kernel to compat 
wireless on both sides, I tried to get madwifi instead of ath5k running 
(without success), changed the HW Module on AP side and also literally 
all kinds of parameters with no success.

The firmware we used before is Version 8.73.73p



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