Hostap Shorewall and lld2l

Christ Schlacta aarcane
Mon Oct 5 14:47:11 PDT 2009

None of my systems can use lld2d to map the network when connected via 
wireless, but it works fine over the wireful network.  the wireless is 
client -> hostapd -> ath5k -> bridge -> kernel with shorewall handling 
the bridge and kernel, as best I can explain it.  on the bridge is also 
a wired device and a bunch of other PCs.  the wired PCs can all map 
using lld2d just fine.

lld2d is a windows vista inspired device discovery sort of thing.  it 
makes pretty icons with useful information show up for all the devices 
on your entwork (laptops, routers, etc.).  windows says it's a layer 2 
protocol, and I'm not clear on what exactly that means in the context of 
hostapd, linux bridges, and shorewall, or what may be blocking lld2d for 
wireless clients, so I'm cross-posting this message.  I hope one list or 
the other will be able to help me resolve this issue :)

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