Problem in porting to PALM

Jack Yip Jack
Sun Mar 23 19:49:08 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,
I use the wpa_supplicant-0.5.10.tar.gz <>   and port it to the PALM OS to make my device work in EAP-FAST.
However, the CISCO server have the following debug message:

*Mar  4 11:22:50.937: RADSRV EAP-FAST: Add teap client 0011.d605.2cdc
*Mar  4 11:22:50.937: RADSRV EAP-FAST:  Sending TEAP start
*Mar  4 11:22:51.081: RADSRV EAP-FAST: verify client_hello
*Mar  4 11:22:51.081: RADSRV EAP-FAST: Cipher RC4_128_SHA / TLS_DH_anon_WITH_AES
_128_CBC_SHA1 not found, client may be open source
*Mar  4 11:22:51.081: RADSRV EAP-FAST: PAC to be provisioned, parsed 49, length
*Mar  4 11:22:51.081: RADSRV EAP-FAST: Build (provision) Server Hello, 0011.d605
*Mar  4 11:22:51.082: RADSRV EAP-FAST: Calculting DH Server public.. 0011.d605.2
*Mar  4 11:22:51.294: RADSRV EAP-FAST: DH public number generation failed
*Mar  4 11:22:51.295: RADSRV EAP-FAST:  Sending Server Hello, 0011.d605.2cdc
*Mar  4 11:23:01.961: RADSRV EAP-FAST: verify client_finished, 0011.d605.2cdc
*Mar  4 11:23:01.961: RADSRV EAP-FAST: Calculting premaster secret..
*Mar  4 11:23:02.228: RADSRV EAP-FAST: Calculating Master secret...
*Mar  4 11:23:02.231: RADSRV EAP-FAST: sending alert level 2, desc 0
*Mar  4 11:23:02.341: RADSRV EAP-FAST:
 Alert from 0011.d605.2cdc: Fatal : code 10
*Mar  4 11:23:02.341: RADSRV EAP-FAST: Delete teap client 0011.d605.2cdc
*Mar  4 11:23:02.343: %DOT11-7-AUTH_FAILED: Station 0011.d605.2cdc Authenticatio
n failed
Do anyone know why there is such message"Cipher RC4_128_SHA / TLS_DH_anon_WITH_AES
_128_CBC_SHA1 not found, client may be open source"?  And after calculating master secret, the CISCO server will send back alert signal, do anyone know the reason?
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