hostapd(cvs) & madwifi(cvs) - PATCH attached

st3v3 at st3v3
Tue Nov 30 01:33:31 PST 2004

Hey all
Further to my posting the problem of 802.1x authentication without WPA.
See thread "hostapd(cvs) & madwifi(cvs)"
Find attached a patch that allows for this particular configuration.
The driver_madwifi.c assumes that with 802.1x WPA must be used IMHO this is incorrect, as 802.1x may be used without WPA. i.e 802.1x with WEP
The error "No WPA/RSN information available for station" is seen if 
wpa=0 or not set in the hostapd.conf file.
Could a developer please review this patch and add it to the CVS repository.
I have tested this code with hostapd CVS dated 25.11.04 and the CVS of madwifi at the same date.
Kind Regards

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