Netgear WG311/WPA = random connection timeouts?

Bogdan Palos bpalos
Tue Nov 30 04:55:32 PST 2004

Hi all,
i installed Ndiswrapper 0.11 + wpa_supplicant 0.25 on Fedora Core 3 with a 
Netgear WG311 (54/108mbps) PCI card. All works ok except it only does for a 
couple of minutes :)

According to the -dd option, it hangs eventually after "Cancelling timeout 
request" or something...i'll post the exact line when i get home. It shows 1 
or 2 successful WPA key negotiations between card and AP, i can connect to 
the Net but as i said after a while (1 min, 2 min - never lasted more than 
10min) it dies on me.

"iwlist wlan0 scan" shows me 2 APs (mine and a neighbor's -> w/o any 
encryption, how typical) as well as the wpa_ie for my AP ( a WGT624 with the 
4.1.1 firmware - will update to 4.2.4 tonight).

Please help, i'm going crazy here!

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