New SessionID and statistics

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Mon Nov 29 23:32:35 PST 2004

Hi Jouni,

I looked throug your last changes in hostapd and found following change
in ieee802_11.c:

  /* Stop previous accounting session, if one is started, and allocate
   * new session id for the new session. */
  accounting_sta_stop(hapd, sta);
  accounting_sta_get_id(hapd, sta);

Generating a new sessionid is a great idea (i had a not submitted patch
for my own doing this) but you missid one thing. You have to reset the
accounting data in driver! At the moment it is only possible to do this
by deleting the station from driver and readd the station. A new IOCTRL
only reseting the stats would be fine. I have such an IOCTRL in


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