[Ipw2100-devel] ipw2100 WPA

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais
Fri Aug 27 12:50:26 PDT 2004

Lubomir Gelo said:
> I've been working on WPA support for ipw2100 and I'm almost there.
> What works:
> - communication between wpa_supplicant and ipw2100 driver using
>   private ioctl
> - association with WEP enabled AP
>    - both open system and shared key authentication
> - association with WPA enabled AP:
> 	- PSK with TKIP (tested with Linksy WRT54g and hostapd)
> Problems:
> - broadcast key isn't used for broadcast packets
> - there's something wrong with CCMP (or with my 802.11 header
>   construction). AP cannot decrypt GTK packet from STA (4th packet).
>   I plan to fix it during this weekend.
> How to? Two patches are needed:
> 1) patch which adds ipw2100 driver to wpa_supplicant (agains 0.2.4) is
> attached. I don't expect massive changes here.
> 2) ipw2100 patch. I'll try to fix CCMP problem, do some code clean-up
> and post patch agains ipw2100 0.53 ASAP.
> --
> Lubomir Gelo <lgelo at cnc.sk>
> CNC a.s.

Hi Lubomir!
I wish you had answered my e-mail to you regarding WPA development.
As i said in that e-mail, i was also working on it, and would like to talk
to you about it.
Now we have two different implementations and unnecessary doubled work,
the difference is that mine doesn't work yet (can't decrypt the 1st group
key message). My implementation uses both Wireless Extensions 18 or
private IOCTLS similar to those of WE-18 if WE-18 is not available.
I can get passed the 4-way handshake, the problem is on the 1st group key
packet exchange, which i can't decrypt.
I'll send you the patch to both ipw2100 and wpa_supplicant later.
Pedro Ramalhais
ramalhais_ at _serrado.net
God is real, unless declared integer.

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