ipw2100 WPA

Lubomir Gelo lgelo
Fri Aug 27 07:44:23 PDT 2004

I've been working on WPA support for ipw2100 and I'm almost there.
What works:

- communication between wpa_supplicant and ipw2100 driver using
  private ioctl
- association with WEP enabled AP 
   - both open system and shared key authentication
- association with WPA enabled AP:
	- PSK with TKIP (tested with Linksy WRT54g and hostapd)


- broadcast key isn't used for broadcast packets
- there's something wrong with CCMP (or with my 802.11 header
  construction). AP cannot decrypt GTK packet from STA (4th packet). 
  I plan to fix it during this weekend. 

How to? Two patches are needed:

1) patch which adds ipw2100 driver to wpa_supplicant (agains 0.2.4) is
attached. I don't expect massive changes here.

2) ipw2100 patch. I'll try to fix CCMP problem, do some code clean-up
and post patch agains ipw2100 0.53 ASAP. 

Lubomir Gelo <lgelo at cnc.sk>
CNC a.s.
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