elsa vianect mc-11

hostap at fhloston.org hostap
Fri Aug 27 11:15:25 PDT 2004


i am rather confused about this card. can i use this card with hostap? 

so far i have been using it with the orinoco driver but in order to work 
with kismet it needs to be patched. 

because i want to use the card as an AP too i installed the hostap drivers 
and they load and kismet works with them - somehow: after a few logged 
packets, kismet does not see any packets anymore. only if i do iwpriv wlan0 
monitor 3 it sees again some packets. with "while :;do iwpriv wlan0 monitor 
3;done" while running kismet it continously sees packets... 

does a successful load of hostap_cs mean this elsa vianect mc-11 is in fact 
prism based? or does the hostap driver also support orinoco based cards like 
the orinoco driver supports prism2 based cards? 

i also have a lucent orinoco silver card which is not detected by the hostap 

on the other hand the elsa card reports the same orinoco firmware when used 
with the orinoco driver as the lucent one does... 

googling did not really help me out here, i found rather contradicting 
opinions on this card. some say it is prism2 based some say it is an orinoco 

i am really confused about this... 


martin jess 

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