local_bh_enable() was called in hard irq context. This is probably a bug

Kyle Rose krose+hostap
Sun Nov 16 20:15:58 PST 2003

> If you are interested in
> testing the new version, I would like to hear whether you see similar
> issues with it. You can download the latest CVS snapshot of the
> development branch from http://hostap.epitest.fi/.

Will do, sometime this week.

>> wlan0 (WE) : Buffer for request 8B1B too small (0<4)
> That looks like a user space problem; recompiling the program that
> caused this error could help here.. Unfortunately, that message does not
> tell which program it was (Jean: would printing out current->comm with
> that message be useful?).

Well, I got authentication to work a little while ago by fixing a
mangled free in xsupplicant.  That code has more bugs than my aunt's
apartment in NYC.  So, I'm not sure what the impact of the above error


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