Regular host and access point at once?

Wilmer van der Gaast lintux
Mon Nov 17 07:37:39 PST 2003


I use the hostap driver for a long time already to tunnel my Internet
traffic to the big WAN-pipe on the other side of the street. It works
perfectly, especially the upgrade from 2002-10-12 to 0.0.4 gave me a
huge performance boost. Great. :-)

But there's a little problem now. I bought an AirPort card for my
laptop. The thing has troubles connecting to the network, because the
access point is far away (we only got an AP on the other side of the
street). Now I just want to set up an AP here as well, because the
laptop doesn't have to connect to anything in the other building anyway.
(Not directly, that is.)

So now I'm wondering: Is it possible to use a card with the hostap
driver as a client to another access point and also as an additional
access point for local machines? The local machines don't have to
communicate with the AP/machines in the other building directly.

As far as I understand now, AP's need a wired connection to each other
to be able to be an AP on one and the same network. Obviously that's not
an option... Or am I wrong here?


Wilmer van der Gaast.

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