wireless ext. patch

Yanghwee TAN tanyh
Tue Oct 29 00:40:23 PST 2002

hey jean,

where may i find the wireless extension patch for v12 to v13?
or to any further recent one from v12 will do as well.
is there a diff file somewhere that i can download?

with the current v12, can i just use the patch to v15?
i read the diff and its only for v14 to v15.  :(

well, jason suggested to me to patch the w.ext and
see if i can fix the missing essid problem that i'm still having.

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> Jason Boxman wrote :
> >
> > It's mostly complete.  I haven't had time to add stuff about mac
> > filtering and I don't have anything to play with WDS stuff.  The wlan on
> > ot=20
> > stuff is missing setup information for RH style start ups and
> > related to pcmcia as well (I don't have one).
> >
> > http://trekweb.com/~jasonb/articles/hostap_20021012.shtml
> Nice document.
> Comments :
> You don't use the proper Debian Wireless Extension
> support. For this, and Red-Hat support, please check the file called
> DISTRIBUTIONS.txt in the Wireless Tools package. You will see that
> Debian has in fact quite nice support.
> Also, I don't know why you insist on Wireless Extensions v15,
> when you don't seem to use any of its feature, and you could get away
> with v12. v15 adds more private ioctl support, used mostly for WDS
> stuff. v14 adds the scanning support (cf. APradar), but I think it's
> not yet supported in AP/master mode.
> I also try to keep a indication of what is and what is not a
> PrismII card, but I admit it's tough :
> Have fun...
> Jean
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