mostly complete hostap 2002-10-12 guide

Jean Tourrilhes jt
Wed Oct 23 19:28:50 PDT 2002

Jason Boxman wrote :
> It's mostly complete.  I haven't had time to add stuff about mac address=20
> filtering and I don't have anything to play with WDS stuff.  The wlan on bo=
> ot=20
> stuff is missing setup information for RH style start ups and anything=20
> related to pcmcia as well (I don't have one).

	Nice document.

	Comments :
	You don't use the proper Debian Wireless Extension
support. For this, and Red-Hat support, please check the file called
DISTRIBUTIONS.txt in the Wireless Tools package. You will see that
Debian has in fact quite nice support.
	Also, I don't know why you insist on Wireless Extensions v15,
when you don't seem to use any of its feature, and you could get away
with v12. v15 adds more private ioctl support, used mostly for WDS
stuff. v14 adds the scanning support (cf. APradar), but I think it's
not yet supported in AP/master mode.

	I also try to keep a indication of what is and what is not a
PrismII card, but I admit it's tough :

	Have fun...


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