missing thumbnails and audio-properties

Budgie ajebay at errichel.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 11:01:24 PST 2015

On 03/03/15 15:34, Sharon Kimble wrote:
> Whenever I download a radio programme now with "get_iplayer v2.91"
> it downloads OK, except there is no thumbnail and when its loaded
> into "ncmpcpp" [a ncurses front-end to mpd] it does not display the
> programme name, its station it was broadcast on, nor any other
> details of it. In fact when I look at the audio-properties in
> "nautilus" all are *unknown*.
> Back-history = my computer died on 30/01/15, and I now have a new
> one. My "get_iplayer" options have not changed, but looking at a
> programme downloaded before the computer death, that has a thumbnail
> and complete audio-properties. "get_iplayer" is from the most
> recent git-clone, and is working well except for the missing
> details. I download with "get_iplayer -g 13386" which is the same as
> before.
> I suspect that I'm missing some needed programme which is giving the
> missing details, but what? Can anyone help please?
> Thanks
> Sharon.
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Hi Sharon,
When this happened to me it was because I had forgotten to install 
AtomicParsley on a new installation.

I have no idea if you have same issue or same problem but if you look 
through the archives of this list for thumbnail threads you may get more 
Good luck.

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