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Sat Aug 29 11:41:30 PDT 2015

On 29 Aug 2015 at 12:06, Alan Milewczyk Alan Milewczyk 
<alan at> wrote:

> I wonder, Jim, whether this is part of the general inconsistency we've 
> commented on previously - where sometimes you download a file and it's 
> not the usual 1280x720 norm, but you go back a few days later and the 
> higher definition file downloads. I've found this to be the case when 
> specifying --tvmode=best whereas --modes=hlsvhigh gets the 1280x720 
> version when it's available. Is it a case of server loading?

I think it is due to the BBC activating the "Watch now on iplayer" before 
all versions/formats are available on the CDNs.

Example: last Sunday I started downloading the F1 full race coverage less 
than 1 min. after it became available. First few tries it was always 

Gave up and waited a few minutes then tried again. Now best was 702x4xx. 
Tried again every few minutes and 896x504 appeared 16 minutes after "Watch 
now" was available. 896x504 was the one I wanted, thus don't know when the 
1280 was ready.

I've also noticed over the past few months subtitles for live F1 events 
taking longer and longer to appear from one weekend to the next.

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