Alan Milewczyk alan at
Mon Aug 31 01:06:52 PDT 2015

On 29/08/2015 21:26, Vangelis forthnet wrote:
> On Sat Aug 29 15:41:55 BST 2015, Alan Milewczyk wrote:
>>> Ah! Now I've not tried hls. That's worth an experiment.
>>> Can I just substitute  --modes=hlsvhigh for tvmode=best ?
>> Yes, I was originally alerted to this option by Vangelis when I was
>> having problems with looooong programmes, such as Wimbledon.
> Hello Jim & Alan - only now came to read this thread;
> some clarifications/corrections:
> @Alan:
> If you go back to our original exchange,
> you'll discover that I NEVER SUGGESTED
> --modes=hlsvhigh;
> this value is equivalent to flashvhigh in terms of
> video file resolution and will only produce
> 832x468p video files; what I did infact suggest was
> --modes=hlshd
> which will fetch HD files (1280x720p) via HTTP

Doh, apologies to both, brain not in gear

> - when the programme has been made available in
> HD, that is - and can be used as an alternative to
> --modes=flashhd or --modes=best for >4GiB
> video files over RTMP (to circumvent the well
> known/discussed in this list issue that the RTMP
> protocol (hence rtmpdump) has with  >4GiB files).

Correct, this is how I was introduced to it. But I found that for some 
reason some programmes were not downloading at the highest definition 
even when specifying --tvmodes=best. From time to time a series with all 
programmes in HD would produce the occasional download in SD which is 
why I would turn to --modes=hlshd to ensure consistency for the whole 

>> Also, if you specify the following command line:
>> get_iplayer "programme name" --option
>> you will get a list of the various options available.
>> I forgot to say that I check this switch before
>> I go down the hslvhigh route.
>> At least the output alerts you to an HD version being available
>> when you are initially only able to download the SD option.
> With respect Alan, you must have meant to type
> another command to the one posted;
> "--option" is not even a valid switch...
> To inquire the available modes prior to downloading,
> you should use the --info (-i) switch!

Doh, again! I was thinking one thing and typed another! I plead 
tiredness and insanity! ;-)


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