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Sat Aug 29 07:05:06 PDT 2015

OK, Here is a per file list for the two example Proms by pid:

Apologies again for any typos due to my 'pen and paper' methods and typing

Prom 32 Whitacre

b065gyln main file 1280x720

p030dys6 cloudburst 823x468

p02wwc3g copland 1280x720

p02wwc3s deep field 832x468

p02zp9hh equus 832x468

p02wwc36 river cam 1280x720

p02wwc3c gershwin 1280x720

44 Barenboim

b066d735 main 1280x720

p0wwgvx Tchaikovsky 1280x720

p0wwgvn Beethoven 832x468

p030715n speech, etc 832x468

p030785p Glinka 832x468

p03075by Sibelius 832x468

I'm puzzled by questions like why the Tchai 4 is 1280x720 whilst the
Beethoven triple con is only 832x468. The files were presumably chopped out
of the full stream at the same time by the persons making up the per-work
examples. To fetch, I'm using the same gip command options in every case,
and just changing the pid as per what the webpage shows. The files are in
each case all listed alongside each other on the 'icon slider' on the page
for the Prom on TV.

The 1280x720 examples are all with video rates around 2200 kb/s. The others
are about 1400. The audio is always 93 kb/s which is rather lower that I
might wish, but sounds enjoyable in the context of having the video.

All values from ffprobe but look correct.

Maybe I should ask R3/BBC4 to include a clapperboard tick so I can synch
the R3 320k with the video. 8-]


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Audio Misc

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